Our Services

Our Services

SMSB Systems is a Software Development Company dedicated to providing competitively priced, high quality IT services. Our company offers a wide variety of services including Custom Programming , Software Testing , Web Site Development & Designing , Internet Programming and a variety of Back-Office & IT Enabled Services .

Our Internet programming work comprised several dozens projects in different areas (implementation of advanced client-server systems, database programming, game programming, image processing, web programming, web design and implementation of web-based systems, etc.).

Our custom software and website development services leverage our experience and expertise to ensure fast paced development of high quality solutions. We undertake local as well as offshore software development projects.

Need help in consolidation your data, transform into business know how ?

SMSB Systems has provided business intelligence solutions for leading enterprise, midsize, and public sector organizations throughout the world. Today, our proven industry experience with leading BI technology providers such as SAPBusinessObjects, IBM, Informatica, and Jaspersoft allow us to tackle virtually any business intelligence challenge, no matter what applications or technologies you use.

Powerful Business Intelligence Solutions

Whatever your needs - an integrated framework to measure performance, dashboards and reports to show key performance indicators (KPIs) in near real-time, or data mining to predict outcomes and uncover trends - SMSB Systems's Business Intelligence practice can help.

From enterprise-wide data integration to self-service for users with varying technical skills, our business intelligence solutions can help ensure the right people get the right information at the right time:

  • Business intelligence global strategy
  • Business intelligence enterprise standardization
  • Data mart and data warehousing
  • Information infrastructure and management
  • Enterprise planning and performance management
    • Dashboards
    • Scorecards
  • Query and reporting
    • Dynamic query and ad-hoc reporting
    • Crystal Reports
    • Report scheduling and distribution
  • Business data integration
    • Multi-source data aggregation
    • Leverage federated data
    • Data quality tools and data warehouse tools
    • Metadata management
  • On-Demand and Managed Services business intelligence solutions
  • Project staff augmentation

Experienced Business Intelligence Consulting

SMSB Systems's Business Intelligence practice offers project management, technology assessments and implementation, systems integration, global best practices strategies and standardization consulting, and training services to deliver powerful, repeatable BI solutions.

Building on our hands-on experience in industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing as well as government and the public sector, we work with you to understand your business priorities. Afterward, we focus our business intelligence efforts where we believe you'll receive the greatest benefit.

While we’re prepared to deliver large-scale initiatives, we also look for business intelligence projects that deliver immediate value and lay the foundation for growth. And because we know business intelligence is more than simply implementing technology, our consulting approach takes people, processes, technologies, and support into account.

Business Service Management (BSM) is not a product. Instead, it's a strategy for linking key IT components to business goals that comes from IT infrastructure management. Business Service Management helps you understand and predict how technology impacts your business and how business impacts your IT infrastructure.

Business Service Management's most important piece is a comprehensive and flexible IT management strategy. It incorporates best practices, especially those from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) that help your organization:

  • Reduce IT operation and support costs by as much as 18%
  • Improve response time and availability
  • Improve service quality by finding and fixing IT issues before they affect users

Business Service Management Technologies & Solutions

SMSB Systems Systems’ Business Service Management solutions and services use technologies from BMC Software. Several years ago, BMC pioneered BSM to help align IT operations with business needs. Today, BMC Software bases their Business Service Management approach on three disciplines: Service Assurance, Service Automation, and Service Support

We have the knowledge and skills to provide a thorough understanding of IT service management. You'll learn how to use Business Service Management to improve the systems, applications, processes, and services your business depends on.

The SMSB SystemsOSS Configuration Management Module provides an interface for service orders, trouble tickets, switch provisioning, cable records, directory records and inventory items.

Network Provisioning

The SMSB Systems OSS Automatic Switch Interface (ASI) works on all switching platforms (Soft Switches, IP Switches/Servers, and Circuit Switches). The work order interface is dynamically integrated with ASI. The work order interface provides a user friendly simple interface for network provisioning. The work order interface is designed for any user at any skill set level to process work order requests. Network provisioning is accomplished through the same user friendly work order interface that all work order requests are processed through. SMSB Systems OSS makes network provisioning easy as pie. Anyone can do it, no serious technical knowledge required!

Via web interface, work orders can be deployed to one or multiple locations. The SMSB Systems OSS work order system allows SMSB Systems OSS users to create electronic service order routes. Service order routes are built to move from work group to work group until the service order is completed. Service order fields are connected to database tables for easy data population (i.e. cable, terminal, inventory, billing codes, directory data). SMSB Systems OSS users determine which fields are required during the service order process. Work orders can be sent directly to individuals within a work group or a service order route. Two-way communication is provided for multiple work groups to communicate during the service order process. As work order requests move from one work group to the next (help desk, inside plant, outside plant, QAE), customers automatically receive updated service order status notification. Customers can check status on multiple service orders via web login. When work orders are completed all database tables are updated.

Cable Maintenance

SMSB Systems OSS configuration module includes a cable management package. The cable management system is integrated into the work order interface along with the ASI. This provides users the ability to update cable records during the work order process.

Subscriber Management

The SMSB Systems Subscriber/Directory Management system provides a flexible relational architecture to easily manage the subscriber/directory database. Subscriber data is automatically updated as adds, moves, deletes and changes are made through the provisioning or work flow modules. The system offers a global reporting interface, which allows users to generate reports (ad-hoc and standard) and make global changes to the subscriber database. The subscriber record provides a comprehensive view of the completed make-up of the service listing:  directory, billing, equipment, connectivity, and switch data. Directory data can be easily shared with other enterprise applications through XML file creation and database connections (LDAP, ADO.NET, OLE DB, and ODBC). SMSB Systems OSS also provides users with complete online 411 web directory options.

Inventory Management

The inventory management module provides an easy-to-use, on-shelf and installed inventory tracking system. As work orders and trouble tickets are completed, inventory levels automatically deduct and increase depending on the order type. The system automatically notifies administrators when the on-shelf inventory item drops below the safety stock level. Through the inventory system, users can create stock orders to order new equipment from vendors. Detailed Vendor mailing and billing address are maintained for each vendor. Each inventory item can contain a one-time and recurring cost. When work orders are executed, the billing total and taxes for each item are automatically calculated.

SMSB Systems Activities

SMSB Systems Activities is an automation testing framework, with unmatched support for unit, functional, regression, distributed and HTTP performance testing at the project level. Designed for advanced and novice testers alike, SMSB Systems Activities will help you achieve thorough Quality Assurance in development from the first line of code right through delivery and maintenance, with no surprises along the way. Ship superior applications, and ship them on time.

We also provide consultation to assist you in your testing needs. We support and use open source technologies. We have used - OpenLoad - Affordable and completely web-based load testing tool from OpenDemand; knowledge of scripting languages not required - web-based recorder can capture and translate any user action from any website or web application. Generate up to 1000 simultaneous users with minimum hardware.

Apache JMeter - Java desktop application from the Apache Software Foundation designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions; may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). Can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types; can make a graphical analysis of performance or test server/script/object behavior under heavy concurrent load.

TestMaker - Free open source utility maintained by PushToTest.com and Frank Cohen, for performance, scalability, and functional testing of Web application. Features test authoring of Web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Ajax, Service Oriented Architecture, and Business Process Management environments. Integrates Selenium, soapUI, TestGen4Web, and HTMLUnit to make test development faster/easier. Repurposes tests from these tools into load and performance tests, functional tests, and business service monitors with no coding. Repurposes unit tests written in Java, Jython, JRuby, Groovy, and other dynamic scripting languages. Runs on any platform.

SMSB Systems, has commitment to deliver overall infrastructure network telecommunication in one stop total solution way specially in transmission system, Base Transceiver Station and Base Station Controller. Basically our service comprises four main groups: Survey and Design Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Integration, and Quality Audit,Maintenance Expansion and Performance Support and Implementation / Maintenance Management Support.

Survey and Design Engineering

Survey and Design engineering services : Site Hunting, Site Acquisition, RF surveys, Transmission surveys, BSC/BTS site surveys, Transmission Network Design, Radio Network Design, BSC/BTS/Transmission Engineering, Joint inspection BSC/BTS site, Documentation sites handling.

Site Hunting Site hunting is a preliminary survey before other kind of surveys, to find ideal space site closest to the nominal RF Network and Transmission Network designed. The result are list of some candidate sites which space is suitable with BTS/BSC, Transmission Network and RF Network requirement, each candidate enclosed with : position in map, space situation, address, contact person, GPS coordinate, photos of space situation and panoramic 360 degree, and site conclusion with all remark. All reports are in a standard site survey report customized for specific customer.And after the site hunting, there will be site acquisition to make sure that the land point which has been approved by engineering, can be installed with the new infrastructure. This works will need to solve all permit needed which are complex in our country and should be handled by experienced site acquisition engineers.

RF survey RF survey carried out to collect on field data needed for RF (Radio Frequency) requirement. RF Survey report encloses : more specific point site position on map, site address, GPS coordinate; RF obstacles; coverage area cell site; photos for site environment, panoramic 360 degree; site conclusion; antenna type, placement, direction, and tilting. A Standard RF Survey report will be used as a reference to arrange RF Network planning in radio network design process. RF surveys can be divided into in-building and macro cell RF survey, which each has different characteristic and concept.

Transmission survey Transmission survey carried out to avoid obstacle for microwave transmission and decide which transmission system used to achieve good performance as customer requirement, and site details to accommodate all transmission network planning requirement. Transmission survey report encloses : site address with GPS coordinate, map and site situation; existing transmission equipment data: type of transmission, frequencies, configuration and capacity; Line of sight and Path loss calculation, placement of transmission equipment; site readiness including: space for equipments, estimation time for implementation, tower, power resources and back up availability; access way; photos of site situation, equipment placement, panoramic 360 degree. A customize standard transmission survey report will be used as reference to arrange Transmission Network Planning in process Transmission Network Design for site conclusion about type of transmission, frequencies, configuration and capacity to be used.

BSC/BTS site survey BSC/BTS survey carried out to check the site readiness before implementation to avoid problem during the installation equipment process. BSC/BTS survey report encloses : site address with GPS coordinate and appoint site in the map; site situation; arrangement BTS/BSC equipment placement, site readiness included : estimation for implementation, equipment placement, tower, power supply and back up availability; access way; photos of site situation, equipment placement, panoramic 360 degree, site conclusion. A standard BTS/BSC site survey report will be used as a reference site in BTS/BSC Design engineering process.

Transmission Network Design Transmission Network Design for the transmission for overall network arranging frequency planning, routes, capacity and configuration base on requirement of whole network system considering : transmission performance, type of equipment, number of equipment, link capacity, configuration, sites situation, contingency plan for frequencies and routes besides a blue print expansion network system for future used.

Radio Network Design Radio Network Design determines cell planning with specific reuse frequency pattern, BTS capacities, number of cells and coverage to achieve required network performance and reduces blank spot area besides a blue print for expansion purpose.

BSC/BTS/Transmission Engineering BSC/BTS engineering service to analyze all data from survey report and configuration site from Radio Network Design / Transmission Network Design, to produce : plant specification materials, quantity, type and number of materials, arrangement for BSC/BTS/ Transmission equipment placement and technical document support for installation equipment. All documents are specific for a certain site.

Operator Work Processes... reality

In Reality- We work in Silos (And miss the big picture)

(Data design tightly coupled to application design, and application design to “user requirements” – very restricted view of process needs)


  • Use/Modify/ create application to fulfill a given need.
  • Or in the worst case, do it manually

Net Outcome

  • Huge spending in infrastructure (100’s of application doing 100’s of task), overlapping of functionality with in applications, no clear master of a given task.
  • Decrease in efficiency
  • NightMare - for Life cycle managers
  • Difficult to bring in automation for a process involving multiple applications


Solution - Changing the Focus

Design applications in a way - to ignore the context in which they are used

If we can achieve this, we can:

  • Reduce Deployment Effort
  • Reduce Maintenance Effort
  • Reduce Time-to-Market
  • Reduce Risk


SMSB Systems Service Catalogue

  • A set of framework (services/tools/solution) which can be used by various consumers based on their needs
    • A configuration engineer can query what is present in the network, and then create change scripts.
    • Capacity planning engineer can query for the traffic trends and plan the network for capacity augmentation
    • A performance engineer can get alerts on KPI degradation and then co-relate with activities happening across network.
  • Value can be created by combining, i.e. “composing” services
    • Turn a RCA into a Preventive Measure audit
  • Data Collector Services
    • Responsible for collecting data from various entities with built in support for re-tries.
    • Collectors customized as per industry standards and as per a given business vertical needs.
      • For Finance Industry supports FIX (Financial Information exchange Protocol), NACHA( National Automated Clearing House Association), For Healthcare HL7, National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), For Telecom – 3GPP 32 Series, For Insurance ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development)
  • Data Mediation Services
    • Responsible for extracting relevant data.
    • Provides Master Data (one single view) irrespective of num of data sources
    • Can interface with Industry Standard applications like SAP, NetCool, Te-Mip, BMC Remedy, Granite, Siebel CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Billing & Revenue Management, Amdocs CRM
  • Business Rules Services
    • Responsible for applying business conditions.
    • Rules can be chained
    • Can be used along data collectors and data mediations for -
      • Data Sanity Checks
      • Data Consolidation
      • Data Reporting
      • Alerts
  • User Input Services (In Development)
    • Run Time Generation of Web-Forms/Desktop forms
    • User Inputs with validation checks
    • Document Review/Approval with built in support for
      • Single-Multi Level approval support
      • Approval over email
      • Built in feedback mechanism
  • Orchestration Engine
    • Heart of the system
    • Can execute various other services in the order specified.
    • Open ended – so new services can be added when desired